Dom God Brutally Fucks New Slave Boy


Joseph Rough is chained to a wall, waiting for Trenton Ducati to appear. Once Mr. Ducati has the boy’s uncut cock in his possession, he makes the boy swallow his huge, rock hard cock before he’s flogged on stilts and mercilessly fucked in the ass.

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Slave Slut Gets Fucked By New Kink Dom


Introducing Sebastian Keys as a new house dom for Damien Moreau is bound in Mr. Key’s dungeon, having his goods inspected and tested with anal, suspension, flogging, and Sebastian’s hot load of cum all over his face.

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Two Slaves Serve Their Masters


Two hunk slaves are bound from the ceiling as they’re given their own slave numbers and endure brutal teasing and torment. They each have a master who take turns fucking the slaves’ tight asses and drilling a fucksall into their tight holes.

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Handyman Gets His Hands On Muscled Gym Hunk


Brock Avery is minding his own business at the gym when the creepy handyman, Trenton Ducati, takes him down and ties him to a punching bag. Brock gets a beat down, then inverted for an upside down “69” before being brutally beaten again.

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The Redheads Serve Two House Doms


Sebastian Keys and Seamus O’Reilly both have ginger locks that need to be put to good use. House dom, Connor Maguire, orders the two redhead studs to serve him by sucking on two bruiser dildos and getting fisted by himself and Van Darkholme. After their fists are through with them, Sebastian and Seamus leave two big nice gaping holes.

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Dicking Damien


Dirk Caber brings Damien Moreau tshoves the boy’s face into his armpit. Dirk and Damien go back and forth to determine who’s exactly in control. Dirk overpowers the boy and grabs Damien’s hands, locking them up above his head. Mr Caber kneels down to Damien’s rock hard cock and bites down on it as Damien screams for mercy. He’s then brought to his knees for Dirk to teach him a lesson in how to suck cock.

He shoves his hard cock down the boy’s throat before shoving an electric butt plug up Damien’s ass with electrodes stuck to his thighs. Damien’s hard cock throbs as electricity surges through him as he’s let down and chained to the wall for a flogging. He fucks Damien hard in the ass before spraying his cum all over the boy’s face and having him suck it clean.

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Bound in Berlin


Sam Barclay waits in the boiler building, chained up, and covered in the cum of his previous Dom. Logan McCree strides in, horny and hungry. Seeing the boy in chains he decides to put him through the paces. Heuses him for his pleasure. With steam rising off his cock in the cold Berlin factory, Logan makes Sam lick his cock from base to head. Taking Sam to another building Logan covers they boy’s cock with hot wax then flogs his body to hear his screams. In the abandoned stairwell Logan fucks Sam’s ass and adorns the boy’s face with his hot steamy cum.

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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

In the house of the lord, Father Acre finishes his prayers. Before he greets the masses, Father Acre grabs his cross and begins touching himself. The horny priest blows his load onto his stomach as Father Richards walks in on him. In an angry fury, Father Richards takes the sinning father down to the catacombs below, binding Father Acre and beating him with the crop. The bound sinner endures hot wax all over his giant cock and torso before he’s shocked with the zapper and punished with a zipper of clothespins. Standing on electric pads, Father Acre feels the sting of Father Richards’ belt on his backside as he’s tormented with electricity. The young father has his legs suspended in the air with his big cock dangling beneath him as Father Richards relentlessly flogs him. Father Acre begs Father Richards to fuck the devil out of him!

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Student Bagged, Gagged & Fucked!


Rico Romero is studying in the classroom by himself when the creepy handyman Trenton Ducati comes in to fix the heater. Trenton notices the boy studying and tries to be friendly with him, but all he gets is a cold shoulder from Rico. When Trenton has enough with Rico’s attitude he sneaks up behind him and drags him out of the classroom. Rico finds himself locked in a body cage, gagged and blindfolded. Bound in the center of the room, Rico has his cock played with as Trenton flogs his sex slave from his chest all the way down to his feetTrenton chokes Rico the harder he fucks before cumming in his mouth and making him lick up all the cum.

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Milking Mike


Connor Maguire orders his boy Mike De Marko to his knees as he removes his clothes. With a boot on his back, Connor inspects Mike, slapping the boy’s ass red before stringing his hands up to the ceiling. Mike endures a flogging as Connor pulls on the boy’s cock as he viciously whips him. His arms locked in the stockade, Mike’s ass is wide open for Mr Maguire’s pleasure. He rams his cock down his sub’s throat before beating Mike’s ass with the paddle. Once it’s nice and red Mr Maguire fucks his boy’s ass before having him suspended on the dungeon bed. Milking a load off of him.

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